Xmas Tales

Although all the stories below have a Christmas element of some kind, they also have a broader context.  And despite the mention of Christmas, none is particularly religious.  In fact, they are generally quite the opposite.

To try some of the shorter stories first, Blue Spruce tends to be a favourite of the female audience, while Mr. Big’s Christmas may be more of a guy type of story.  Sweet and Sour Snickers or Nurse Nancy’s Wonder Love are kind of off-the-wall fun.

The two best sentimental Christmas stories are Peppermint Angel and Quaker Oats Christmas.  And if you want a longer read, go for Death at the North Pole or Operation Ark Angel.

Click on the blue titles below to read each story.

Artesian Tango  –  Romantic Comedy  –  Newlyweds challenge each other with gifts that push their boundaries and their buttons.  4300 words.

Blue Spruce  –  Modern Fable –  A young evergreen tree makes a fateful wish. 3300 words.

Boxing Lessons  –  Philosophical Romantic Comedy  –  A young couple’s romance and marriage emulates the teachings of their college professor.  4100 words.

Choral Counterpoint  – Soliloquies with comments – Ranting church-goers’ true characters are exposed by two old choir ladies who recall their antics in Sunday School.  5200 words.

Christmas Spirits  –  Coming of Age  –  A boy faces adversity in his high school junior band, and feels love for the first time.  3700 words.

Death at the North Pole  –  Murder Mystery  –  A surly detective is transformed by his journey and investigation.  13,500 words.

Mr. Big’s Christmas  –  Comedy  –  A business tycoon assigns Christmas presents to his four estranged children.  2000 words.

Nurse Nancy’s Wonder Love  –  Harlequin Gothic  –  A repressed nurse desperately seeks love.  2400 words.

Operation Ark Angel  –  Religious Satire  –  Weird things happen when God gets involved in Earthly affairs.  8700 words.

Peppermint Angel  –  Coming of Age  –  An eight year old boy stakes his high hopes on Santa Claus.  3700 words.

Quaker Oats Christmas  –  Coming of Age  –  A boy facing a bleak Christmas struggles to learn about sex, religion and friendship.  4300 words.

Secret Lunch  –  Slice of Life  –  A man with an ulterior motive arranges a luncheon date for his three closest female confidantes.  4100 words.

Smoke Screen Santa  –  Social Satire  –  A shopping mall Santa demonstrates a lesson in human nature.  1500 words.

Sweet and Sour Snickers  –  Black Situation Comedy  –  Family holiday squabbles are set against dead-serious news items.  6000 words.

The Makings of a Saint  –  Fractured Historical Fiction  –  Saintly intervention redeems the lives of a girl and her sisters.  11,500 words.

The Napoleon Complex  –  Slice of Life / Fantasy  –  Santa Claus makes his case for first string God status using a real life example to illustrate his powers.  3000 words.

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