The stories below explore various themes.  “Faith and Begorrah” is a light comedy.  “Who Needs Gorillas Anyway” is more thought provoking.  And “Citizen K” and “Jane in January” are concerned with characters dealing with the contemporary world.  Enjoy them all.

Click on the blue titles below to read each story.

Citizen K  –  Character Profile  –  While undergoing a midlife crisis, a man manages to change the things that can be changed and endure the things that cannot.  14,900 words.

Faith and Begorrah  –  Fractured Historical Fiction   –  An Irish priest gambles on desperate measures to save his troubled parish.  5300 words.

Jane in January  –  Character Profile  –  At a New Year’s Eve party, an aging spinster confronts her sins of omission.  1800 words.

Who Needs Gorillas Anyway  – Speculative Fiction – An exploration of the balance between God and science in the world, and the consequences when either is lacking.  6300 words.

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