The three newest plays here are  Sweet & Sour Snickers, about a dysfunctional family’s Christmas, Donkey, a comment on the contributions to society made by ordinary folk, and  Two Cream One Sugar, which pokes perverse fun at academia in general, and theatre in particular.  The Brides of Sweet William  is good for a laugh.  Or for something short and sweet – try  Scrabble.

And if anyone ever mounts any of these productions, please let me know it’s happening.

Click on the blue titles below to read each play.

Blood Match  –  Contemporary Play  –  Twin siblings divulge innocent personal secrets that lead to a startling conclusion.   3300 words.

Donkey  –  Contemporary Play  –  A very ordinary person who has just died must prove to a confrontational angel gatekeeper that he deserves admission to Heaven.   4000 words.

Losing Touch  –  Character Play  –  At a Christmas Eve service two old choir ladies reveal the secret characters of other church-goers, the minister and themselves.  2200 words.

Nurse Nancy’s Wonder Love Screenplay  –  Movie Script  –  Harlequin Gothic  –  A repressed nurse desperately seeks love.   3000 words.

Scrabble  –  Domestic Play  –  An aging Mom and Dad try to sharpen their faltering wits over a game of Scrabble.   2100 words.

Sweet & Sour Snickers – Dark Comedy – A family matriarch knits gifts for her undeserving and unappreciative family, who share an unexpected Christmas dinner.  6500 words.

The Brides of Sweet William  –  Comedy  –  When a playwright’s script is rejected by a theatre company, he seeks revenge, both literally, and… literally.   4600 words.

Two Cream One Sugar  –  Satirical Play  –  A drama professor and his student have conflicting views about how to present a theatrical situation.   1800 words.

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